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Gourmet Nut Cakes, relishes, and pickle products from our Amish mother’s heritage

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Gourmet Nut Cakes

Anna Mary’s popular nut cakes defy all the traditional fruit cake stereotypes. “We’d be NUTS to call this a fruit cake!”

Green Tomato Relish

Anna Mary’s Green Tomato Relish raises the standard for all other relishes. Available in both regular and hot varieties. A mealtime staple.

Pickle Products

Not all pickle products are created equal. Check out Anna Mary’s pickle products, candied peppers, corn relish, and pickled beets.

A Tradition of Faith, Family, and Food

anna marys old fashioned fruit cake

We are a family-owned and operated business. At Anna Mary’s we are committed to the Old-Fashioned Homestyle Goodness that defined Mom’s (Anna Mary) baking and cooking. Founded as a way to honor her legacy, our company has always been a family-oriented, faith-centered business. Our products are a direct result of our heritage and tradition.

Anna Mary was a woman of strong faith, and a loving mother, grandmother, and friend. When she passed away unexpectedly in the fall of 1991 we remembered that this was the time of the year that she would start baking her special fruit cake which she would distribute them to family and friends around Christmas time. The idea was born to start making Anna Mary’s products with her name – as a way to honor her memory. Thirty years (and millions of nuts) later those fruit cakes  (now more properly called Gourmet Nut Cakes) remain the anchor of our family business.

heirloom recipes

Heirloom Recipes

It all started with Anna Mary’s traditional fruit cake recipe. Almost 30 years later we are still using Mom’s (Grandma’s) recipes for our products. Want the recipe? You’ll have to marry into the family. They are part of our heritage and we intend to keep it that way. But, the products are here for you (and your tastebuds) to enjoy.

homestyle goodness

Homestyle Goodness

If you are looking for mass-produced products made with ordinary cheap ingredients, you’ll need to look elsewhere. If you are looking for homestyle products crafted with care (such as hand-mixed gourmet nut cakes), we can get along just fine. Anna Mary’s products are true goodness made the old-fashioned way with top quality ingredients.

family tradition

A Family Tradition

Anna Mary was from the Amish-Mennonite tradition and was one of the best cooks around. Great cooking and good food is part of our heritage. As an Amish-Mennonite-owned company we continue Anna Mary’s passion for old-fashioned homestyle goodness.

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