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About Anna Mary’s
An Old-Fashioned Fruit Cake Company (and more)

We are a family-owned and operated business, committed to Old-Fashioned, Homestyle Goodness in all of our products. Anna Mary’s was founded as fruit cake company in 1991. These fruit cakes, now called “Gourmet Nut Cakes” are still the foundation of our company and our most popular product. We also expanded our product line to include our delicious green tomato relish and recently – other pickle products.

Anna Mary’s products are owned and distributed by Homestyle Heritage, a parent company we established to carry on the Anna Mary’s product line.

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Our Family

We are a Mennonite family from Huntsville, AR. From the earliest stages of our family, Anna Mary’s products have been a big part of our family culture. Our brand of traditional, homestyle products was founded as a family business – with children running around in the bakery, and occasionally helping to decorate or package cakes, or wash dishes. We wouldn’t want our story any different. Our products are a part of our heritage and family tradition. Although we have expanded and grown from our foundation as a local fruit cake bakery, we are still anchored in the same values that originally made us who we are.

What Our Products Represent

heirloom recipes

Heirloom Recipes

It all started with Anna Mary’s traditional fruitcake recipe. Almost 30 years later we are still using mom’s same recipe for our gourmet nut cake.

homestyle goodness

Homestyle Goodness

Anna Mary’s products are carefully crafted and made the old-fashioned way. Today we still mix our gourmet nut cakes by hand, just like we did nearly 30 years ago.

family tradition

A Family Tradition

As a family we are committed to honoring mom/grandma’s legacy of faith and fantastic food. Anna Mary’s brand is part of our family culture and is a priceless legacy.

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