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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Our Products

What is the shelf life on the Gourmet Nut Cakes?

The “Enjoy by or put in freezer” date is printed on the label. Cakes ordered in the fall months and for the holidays will usually have a date between February 1 and April 30. Cakes ordered from January 1 to September 30 will usually have at least 4 months shelf life remaining.

How should I store my cake?

It’s okay to refrigerate the cakes but it’s not necessary. They store well at room temperature – not too warm.

In order to keep the cake fresh after opening, we recommend keeping it in an airtight bag or container.

How can I ship to my gift list? (Multiple addresses)

If you want to ship products to multiple addresses it is best done by creating an account and placing separate orders. Tick the box that asks “Gift order?” and write a gift message if you want to include one.

Alternatively, if your gift list is more than six addresses you could also email us the names, complete addresses, and the items going to each address. We will notate the shipping details, calculate the totals, and make arrangement for payment. Visit the “contact” page for contact information. Please note: this method will usually incur a 5% special handling surcharge.

Is the sell-by date printed on the relish and pickle products?

Yes, the sell-by date is posted on a label.

Can you ship product to addresses outside the USA?

Yes, We can ship to any address that USPS, UPS, or Fed Ex can service. Call or email for the details and shipping estimates. Visit the “contact” page for contact information.

How do I keep my cake from drying out? (As I nibble on it for the next few weeks.)

The secret to keeping the cake moist and tasty is to wrap it well after each use or to keep it in a sealed container. If you need to moisten the cake, try including a slice of an apple or a pice of bread.