Gourmet Nut Cake – 1 Lb Loaf



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Gourmet Nut Cake – 1 Lb Loaf

(3 customer reviews)


An Old-Fashioned “Fruit Cake” Turned Gourmet Nut Cake

Anna Mary’s Gourmet Nut Cakes are old-fashioned fruit cakes done right. They are moist, nutty, and 100% delicious.

  • Over 70% nuts and fruit with just enough batter to hold it together
  • Hand-mixed to preserve the integrity of the cake and avoid crushing the nuts
  • Worthwhile calories!
  • Old-Fashioned Homestyle Goodness since 1991

Also available in a twenty-eight ounce loaf, a three pound ring, and a five pound ring.

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Why This is NOT your traditional Fruit Cake

We used to call these “fruit cakes.” That’s what Mom always called them. She was known throughout the community for making the best fruit cake around. She loved to make them and give them to friends and neighbors over the holidays. So when we started baking fruitcakes with her recipe, we called them Anna Mary’s Fruit Cake.

But, we soon realized that a lot of people don’t think highly of fruitcakes and some folks would simply reject the product because of a stereotype that didn’t fit our cakes at all. If they sampled the cake, the common response was, “This isn’t a normal fruitcake!” or “I don’t like fruit cake, but this is really good!” So we stopped calling it a fruit cake and named it “Anna Mary’s Gourmet Nut Cakes.”  After all, with pecans and walnuts as the top two ingredients it makes sense to identify it as a nutty product. And besides, “We’d be NUTS to call this a fruit cake!”

Additional information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in

1 ea, Case/16

3 reviews for Gourmet Nut Cake – 1 Lb Loaf

  1. Teresa Washburn

    Absolutely delicious! I enjoy fruitcake and after reading several “Top 10 Fruitcakes” reviews, I decided to try Anna Mary’s. Filled with nuts and a nice amount of candied fruit, it is a winner! The fruitcake arrived very promptly. I would definitely purchase again.

    • Anna Mary’s

      Thank you so much for the kind words Teresa. We’re so happy you found us and even more happy that you were impressed with the nut cakes. We look forward to serving you again in the future with Old-Fashioned, Homestyle Goodness.

  2. Karen

    Best nut cake we have ever eaten. A neighbor who tried the nut cake said the same thing. We will definitely be ordering more.

    • Ken Kauffman

      Thank you Karen. Look forward to hearing from you again.

  3. Karen

    Best fruitcake we’ve ever had. But then this is really the best nut cake we have ever had. Best of both worlds how can you go wrong.

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